“Ichioshi” - Our Most Recommended Processor

We have provided solutions to various requests from our customers using our own laser micro-processing machines and our expertise that had been accumulated from over 30 years in the business. In response to requests that cannot be met with laser processer on hand, we developed a customized laser micro-processing machine.

Down below, we would like to introduce our “Ichioshi” -newest most recommended laser micro-processer.

High Aspect Ratio Processing

Laser beams are created using a condenser lens which collects and combines light, transforming it into light of an even higher power enabling the processing of the materials.
Due to the nature of the light, it is unfortunately inevitable that laser processing will have a smaller processing diameter on the exit side (bottom side) compared to the processing diameter on the entrance side (top side) of the laser, so-called "tapering".

Therefore, high aspect ratio processing (*Aspect ratio: The ratio of the thickness of the material to the diameter of the processed hole) is one of the most difficult processes to accomplish by laser. By using a special optical system and closely controlling the processing conditions, we have achieved a high aspect ratio of 20

Drilling a straight hole with a φ50㎛diameter in a 1.0mm thick silicon nitride plate (aspect ratio of 20).

Counterbore Processing

Ceramic is a brittle material chipped easily while under machining processes such as milling. Therefore, machining ceramic with high precision is considered to be difficult. Laser processing is an improved methodology with a more stable working condition for processing delicate materials such as ceramic.

Laser processing has been conventionally used in mostly two-dimensional processing such as drilling and cutting, but we have applied it to the counterboring process. Although the walls at the edge of the cut are inevitable a certain angle and taper, we have achieved a processing result that is comparable to traditional machining.

Above all, laser processing has a significant advantage over the mechanical process in terms of processing time. Once processing is started, the lasering method can proceed regardless of the hardness of the material.

  • Top side

  • Bottom Side

Counterbore Processing for Glass

In response to the frequent inquiries about processing glass, we have adopted a system that can also handle the counterboring process for glass. While we continue to refine the process, it is our pleasure to work with and offer solutions to satisfy your requests.

  • Counterbore 3rd layer

  • Counterbore 2nd layer