Order FlowLaser Solutions

We are the one-stop laser processing service provider (from prototyping to mass processing), offering development and operation of processing machines unique and tailored to each customer.
Our employees are informed of importance of confidentiality and as such handle this matter with scrutiny.



Please use the contact form to outline your request for the processing type and materials. We will contact you via email. Please send us attachments of the drawings and data with your return email once we are in contact.


Meeting and email consultation

The next step will be an online meeting or an email consultation in order to assess your specific needs. Based on this information, we will propose the optimal laser oscillator and processing method.



Sampling is available prior to test processing (prototyping). This will give you a clear idea by which you can determine how our laser processing proposal can be your solution.


Test processing (prototyping)

If you are satisfied with our samples, we can proceed to the test processing (chargeable). At this point, we make suggestions on optimal laser oscillator and processing machines suitable for mass production.


Developing and manufacturing dedicated laser machines

In more challenging cases where our existing machines fall short in adapting to the needs of the project, we propose the development and manufacture of a laser processing machine tailored to produce customer’s specific products.


Mass production processing

Whether it is with our company machines or machines specially tailored for our customers, we look forward to providing solutions for your processing needs.