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Company Profile

Address 2-3-12 Bijogi-Kita, Toda-shi, Saitama-ken 335-0038
Industry Type Laser Processing
Business Micro-Processing/Laser Processing
Establishment January, 1974
Operation Start Date September, 1987
Capital 40 Million Yen
Employees 45

Company History

  • Began laser processing business

    Laser processing for ceramics began in Shimomae, Toda City, Saitama prefecture

    Old plant in Shomomae

    CO2 laser processing machine
    for ceramics processing

    Our laser processing business began with the processing of ceramic heads for thermal printers, which spread as the latest printing technology.
    Since then, we have expanded the range of ceramic processing to include various types of printed wiring boards, power semiconductors, and heat radiating plates.
    Electronic components using these ceramics are still being used in most advanced automotive components, sensors, and communication base stations.

  • Relocated to Bijogi, Toda City (old Bijogi plant)

    Old Bijogi plant and the company founder, Akihito Yamaguchi

  • Laser processing for printed wiring boards began

    Opened a new plant in Sasame, Toda City (two plants, the old Sasame plant and the old Bijogi plant, were in operation)

    Laser processing machine
    for printed wiring boards

    Old Sasame plant

    Approximately 10 years after the laser processing business launched, the company began the laser micro-processing business for build-up printed wiring boards, which had emerged as the most advanced technology at that time.
    These build-up printed wiring boards have been adopted in digital cameras and mobile phones, and are now being used in the sensors, communication modules, camera modules, etc., of the latest smartphones.

  • Obtained ISO9002 Certification for Quality Management System

    (Transferred to ISO9001 2000 version in 2002 /Transferred to ISO9001 2015 version in 2017)

    In response to the ever increasing demand for quality improvement, we acquired an ISO9002 certification, a global guideline for quality assurance (a global quality management standard).

  • Head Office Plant was completed in Bijogi, Toda City

    The old Bijogi plant and old Sasame plant were integrated into a single plant

    Ceramics processing plant

    Printed wiring board processing plant

  • Began R&D for refinement and precision enhancement for the laser processing of probe cards

  • Obtained an ISO14001 certification for environmental management systems

    (Transferred to ISO14001 2015 version in 2017)

    In response to increasing social demands for environmental preservation, we obtained an ISO14001 certification, a global environmental management standard (a standard that sets out the requirements for an environmental management system).

  • Won the Eiichi Shibusawa Venture Dream Award

    We received the Eiichi Shibusawa Venture Dream Award as recognition for the establishment of our laser solution business and entrepreneurship. This award was founded to honor Mr. Shibusawa, an highly respected individual from the Saitama prefecture, who had contributed to the economic development and industrialization of modern Japan.

  • Certified by Saitama Prefecture as “Sai no Kuni Plant”

    It is a recognition as a company with superb technology and environmental conservation and as being in partnership with Prefectural Governor to build a more vibrant and prosperous community.

  • Conducted a commercialization trial for the laser processing of probe cards

  • Launched laser processing business for probe cards

    The actual probe card processing business began with inquiries from overseas customers.
    We have received many orders not only from overseas but also from Japan, and are playing a role in cutting-edge semiconductor production.

  • Conducted a trial to improve throughput laser processing on probe cards

  • Certified for the Business Management Improvement Plan by SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) Agency

  • Took on a challenge of high-precision laser processing in probe cards

  • Took on a challenge on ultra-high precision laser processing for probe cards

  • Conducted a trial to further improve the throughput laser processing on probe cards