Our Facility & EquipmentCompany Profile

Our facility is well equipped to provide our customers with solutions from development and trial processing to mass production.

Our wide variety of laser processing machines meet the most advanced processing demands such as a range of wavelengths from IR to UV and pulse widths ranging from microseconds to ultrashort pulses.

We can develop, upon a request and with careful assessment, a customized processing machine with optimal laser type and processing methods that allow for high volume production. This gives you an outsourcing option while eliminating the burden of accommodating the engineers and facility.

  • IR Laser Processing Machine:
    20 units, including state-of-the-art CO2 laser automated microfabrication machines for ceramics and for printed circuit boards
  • Green Laser Processing Machine:
    8 units including company developed ultra-short pulse laser machines
  • UV Laser Processing Machine:
    2 units including company developed ultra-fine processing machines for ceramics
  • Laser Marking Device:
    1 unit
  • Precision Inspection Equipment:
    NIKON NEXIV 5 units and others