Quality Control SystemCompany Profile

Based on our quality policy " to provide products that satisfy our customers with our pride and dedication to the basics", we are continuing to invest in efforts to improve the quality of our products by introducing a quality management system, ISO9001. We have also introduced the environmental management system, ISO14001, and are conducting business while considering environmental impacts.

Processing Environment

In micron-level manufacturing, temperature and humidity are among major influencing factors of the processing results. We strictly control the processing environment to ensure the product quality and accuracy required by our customers.

Processing Control

Based on the QC work schedule, we prepare procedure manuals and work flowcharts for each customer. When the order is made, we generate a processing control sheet (work instruction sheet) for each order that includes detailed instructions under which each processing is performed. We also record and maintain the entire work process to ensure each step is traceable.

Our Engineers

We have introduced an in-house certification system that allows us to assign the processing engineer with the optimal skills to head a specific project.

Product Inspection

We conduct appropriate product specific inspections. For products requiring high accuracy, the position and hole diameter of machined holes with upwards of a thousand holes per product can be measured using an automatic precision measuring device. This inspection confirms that the criteria is met before proceeding with delivery.

Response Measures We Take During Occurrence of Error

As articulated above, we have established an extensive quality control system. In the occurrence of an error or abnormality, however, we will immediately contact our customers with the error report followed by a thorough internal investigation to identify the causes of the problem. We will present the customer with the plans for improvement and preventative measures.
We will implement such improvement measures and recurrence prevention measures approved by our customers throughout the company, so as not to cause the same abnormalities (defects).