Message From the PresidentCompany Profile

The pandemic of 2020 changed our life dramatically and we continue to deal with impacts brought to our daily lives. Those impacts vary from executing various infection prevention measures such as the mask mandate or disinfection in the workplace to the changes in how we interact with people and socialize.

It was technology that allowed us to remain hopeful and stay connected with loved ones and the community we are surrounded by. It made online video conferences extremely easy so that our world could continue to turn within our work and social lives. We also could connect in new ways with those in distant places and time differences that we might otherwise have not been able to meet easily.

The rapid spread of telework worldwide and the demand for online communication led a surge of personal computers sales, which subsequently caused the construction boom of data centers so as to meet the demands for increased data traffic.

~ Information Technology and Our future~

Japan set forth on a path of transforming itself from an information society to an ultra-smart society by rolling out 5th-generation mobile communication (5G). We envision that an ultra-smart society would allow us to digitally overcome barriers such as age, gender, region, or language where all people live lively and comfortably. As 5G expands its industrial application to various fields such as automotive vehicles, remote medical care, and surgical procedures, the demand for advanced electronic devices is rapidly growing. I feel the momentum of expansion and opportunity in our industry.

Our desire is to contribute in realizing an ultra-smart society by providing our cutting-edge electronic component processing services, taking advantage of the laser microfabrication technologies we have accumulated over the last 30 years.

We look to align our company’s mission of “contributing to an ultra-smart society as a processing partner” with our quality policy of “providing products that satisfy our customers”. We are dedicated to improving ourselves every day to achieve our vision: to become a “company of customer’s choice”.

Yoshitaka Yamaguchi
President and Representative Director