History of Processing Machine DevelopmentLaser Solutions

There is now a higher expectation for laser processing technology with the industry facing ever growing demand for micro-processing and high precision technologies. As a result, our customers require our specialized products as it is difficult for conventional processing machines to keep up with the demands of industrial use necessary to meet their needs.

To answer to such demand, we have embarked on the research & development of the laser processing machines utilizing the latest and most advanced technologies. Since 2005, we have been successfully developing and manufacturing cutting-edge processing machines unique to our customer’s needs.

  • Process Development and Optical Design with a Nanosecond Laser

    (Adopted as a subsidized project for the research & development of new technologies in Toda City, of the Saitama Prefecture in 2006)
    We have begun to take on the challenge of spearheading development of laser micro-processing with higher precision and miniaturization. Aimed at achieving laser processing applications for probe cards, we advanced our technology to the next level by adopting a special optical system.
    We developed a system where a maximum of three types of laser oscillators simultaneously process a single workpiece. This has made it possible to quickly modify and determine the configuration for the optimal processing and propose specific processing methods to customers.

    Proprietary oscillator-switched micro and
    high-precision laser processing machine

  • Improved Productivity and Precision with Short Pulse Lasers

    (Adopted in 2007 as Ministry of Economy, Technology and Industry’s (METI) Small and Medium Enterprise and Venture Challenge Support Project)
    We took on the challenge of improving productivity and precision by using short-pulse lasers, which were not yet widely used in industry at that time. This allowed us to build a foundation that led to our current probe card business.

    Proprietary Short Pulse Laser Machine

  • Trial Commercialization of Laser Processing for Probe Cards

    (Adopted as a subsidized project to promote manufacturing, commerce, and service productivity improvement by METI in 2009)
    In order to commercialize probe card laser processing, we developed a testing machine that enables mass production. This became a model of the laser processing machine that led us to the current probe card processing business.

    Proprietary test processing machine
    for the mass production of probe cards

  • Improved Throughput of Probe Card Laser Processing

    (Adopted as a subsidized project to promote manufacturing, commerce, and service productivity improvement by METI in 2013)
    In expanding our probe card business, we took on the bottleneck challenge of improving the throughput. This allowed us to acquire the knowledge and technology that enabled both high-precision processing and throughput improvement required for probe card processing.

  • Higher Precision of Probe Card Laser Processing

    (Adopted as a subsidized project to promote manufacturing, commerce, and service productivity improvement by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency (SMA) in 2016)
    With the advancement of semiconductor miniaturization, we took on the challenge of developing control technologies that are adapted for the high-pin count and high-precision requirements of probe cards. This allowed us to develop a prototype (initial model) of a laser processing machine optimized for the latest probe card processing.

  • High-Speed and Ultra-High-Precision Probe Card Laser Processing

    (Adopted as a subsidized project for the Saitama Prefecture Monozukuri Technology and Product Development Support Project in 2019)
    We changed machining algorithms to increase the processing speed of the throughput. Throughput speeds have been achieved through the adoption of a new and innovative method that contributed to the improvement of machining quality.