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Management Policy

With Customers

In pursuit of uniqueness and fineness.
To realize a more enriched life.

Management Philosophy

Our mission is to provide “high-value-added services” through our expertise in laser technology. Our goal is to share the joy of seeing this mission through to fruition with our customers and all employees.

  • We envision becoming a “Customer Partner Company”.
  • We envision becoming a long-serving company instead focusing on expansion.
  • We take on challenges with a spirit of enterprise and by always taking one step forward.
  • Our hope is that our employees can find happiness through the work they do at our company.

Quality and Environmental Policy

Our head office plant in Toda City, of the Saitama Prefecture in Japan, primarily engages in the trial manufacture of ultrafine processing via laser processing equipment and the contract processing of mass production.

Quality Policy

In accordance with our quality policy “providing products that satisfy our customers through our pride and dedication to the basics”, we will continue to make improvements on our quality by complying with our quality control system.

  1. In order to provide the best services for our customers, we conduct regular quality improvement activities with all employees.
  2. We offer solutions that meet the various needs of our customers by using cutting-edge laser processing technologies.
  3. We prioritize the following focuses to maintain and improve our quality control.
    1. We develop our human resources through our employee education and training programs.
    2. We meticulously manage and maintain our processing and inspection equipment.
    3. We practice the “5S” activities.
      *5S is a workplace organization method that uses five Japanese words “sorting”, “set in order”, “shine”, “standardize”, and “sustaining”, and aims to improve productivity, safety, and quality of products. Practicing 5S is essential for Kaizen or "continuous improvement", a well known business philosophy originated in Japan.

Environmental Policy

We recognize that global resources are finite and continue to give consideration to environmental conservation as one of our management priorities. We will continuously develop and improve our environmental conservation practices in accordance with our environmental management system.

  1. We strive to prevent environmental pollution by being informed of our impacts on the environment and setting environmental preservation objectives to the extent technically and fiscally possible.
  2. We comply with environmental laws, regulations, ordinances, and other agreements, as well as engage in and promote environmental conservation activities.
  3. We tackle the following as priority environmental management themes.
    1. We aim to reduce energy consumption, particularly electric power usage.
    2. We aim to reduce waste and run a recycling program.
    3. We look to reduce paper consumption.
    4. We promote green procurement (purchasing).
  4. We support Toda City's environmental planning and contribute to the local community.

Our quality policy and environmental policy will be disseminated to all employees, posted on the internet, and disclosed to the public.

October 1, 2020
Yoshitaka Yamaguchi
President and Representative Director